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Symphony of Sorrow & Joy



‘The dance is a poem of which each movement is a word’ -

Mata Hari

IWe cannot know sadness without knowing joy, we cannot feel gratitude without feeling sorrow.
These two emotions intertwine around each other. The taste of life is bitter sweet and yet dancing through the pain is deeply cathartic.
We encountered grief often and the practice of the 5 rhythms was there to support our hearts and give them wings. It was not an easy dance, it was often a heavy dance even... but ultimately gentle, abandoned, stripped down, with nothing in the way of finding self-love, love of everything, raw and beautiful.
''By being able to dance my grief away, I opened the door to bliss and gratitude allowing me to love life more. Each of us is a gift and life is a gift in itself.''
Join us in this laboratory space to dance these two polarities, where they touch our hearts and allow us to explore creative and safe movement, deepening our movement practice and the infinite map of the 5 Rhythms.

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