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The 5Rhythms Movement and dance meditation is my life's work

I have been dancing the 5Rhythms movement meditation practice for over 30 years and after diving into the practice for my own self healing from trauma of grief for 10 years, I took the path as a teacher of the practice and trained with Gabrielle Roth the founder, to teach in 2001. Since then, I have travelled to different parts of the globe and London’s suburbs taking the dance to a wide audience of disadvantaged communities, prison, addiction recovery and youth at risk and children living in the slums in Kolkata India. This disparate range of communities has become invaluable in expanding my teaching skills and insight into all walks of life, keeping me plugged into a reality of human survival where this dance can be of real service.

I have had a rich background in theatre practice, in particular working with people in the criminal and welfare systems to make positive changes. Working with organisations like Geese Theatre formed part of my study and commitment to harness my 5 Rhythms practice for outreach work in diverse communities.

I am delighted to be recognised for my theatre work, not only working with actors and companies to help deepen their connection to themselves, but also through classes and retreats. I am honoured to be one of just three teachers in the world who are an apprentice to teach Gabrielle Roth's 'God Sex and the Body' map.

It is the diversity of the 5 Rhythms practice that holds my passion, in all the years of study and research through a movement language that heals and transforms human suffering into moving art.

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