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Wild Fire - Heartbeat Retreat -Malta



Dates: 04-08 April 2018

Total Duration: 5 days


Contact info-Beverley

Description: In this 5-day heartbeat journey, we will explore the depths of our heart with a curious mind, as we dance and interweave our way through fear, anger, sadness, joy and compassion.
We will be unlocking our body’s intuitive language inspired by the heart’s wisdom. We will use movement to explore our edges, resistance and shadows, transforming old stories into moving art, promoting healing and freedom.
What closes our heart down? When do we become only half-hearted? What opens us up to Love? What do we know of Love?

This heartbeat journey is an opportunity to go deep. Passions are evoked, longings remembered, and dreams awakened. Are you ready? Are you curious? Let’s come together in the beautiful sacred land of Malta as we take the steps to heal and move our bodies, giving space for the exploration of our heart.

“In the Heartbeat map of the 5 Rhythms, we discover our emotions as energy, as power, as part of being human. Old feelings that have been locked away in our limbs or caged in our chest begin to shake loose. We get comfortable with feelings. We learn to Love and see how badly we want it and need it.”
- Gabrielle Roth



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