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Laissez-le jouer


Un danseur, un cinéaste et une guitare

Une danse de chagrin capturée dans un film, montrant comment le pouvoir de la musique/danse peut guérir les cœurs et les âmes.

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On June 11th 1990, my life turned on its axis, shattering the world I knew. I was in love with Ray, a talented guitarist who dreamed of  being a successful musician but who died from a heroin overdose. He was 27 years old.


I've kept Ray's guitar and since his passing, it has remained silent for over 30 years, I've kept it locked away in its case like her grief.  Until now.

It's now time that the instrument comes to life again, the guitar will be placed into the hands several  professional musicians (Tony Remi - plays with Sarah Jane Morris, Annie Lennox, James Brown to name a few) Kevin Armstrong - (Guitarist to David Bowie and many many others) who will play it with improvised instinctive expression, unleashing stories of tenderness and loss.

The film will follow the guitar from musician to musician not knowing who will play it next.

You can be part of making this film a reality. You can help Let it Play through crowdfunding.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed so far. 

Crowdfunding opportunity closes 9th August.


If this film resonates with you, please help spread about the campaign on your own social media channels or sending to your net


Copy and paste the text below and download the image and post before 9th August


Help 'Let it Play' - a film about grief, loss, hope and one man's guitar by Emma Leech. If the themes of the film resonate with you, be part of making the film a reality through crowdfunding. Closing 9th August.


Your support means so much to me. Thank you.

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