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What is 5Rhythms?

The 5Rhythms is a Movement Practice routed in the body’s instinctive expression, that releases us from our ‘overthinking’ mind. It helps to reconnect us back to our authenticity in a poetic and dynamic art form. 

Each of the Rhythms offers a different quality of energy that opens up a dance that, is fluid, fiery, edgy, wild, jazzy and zen. In name the 5Rhythms are: Flowing, Staccato, Chaos, Lyrical and Stillness. 

When we move with them in this sequence, it creates a wave of embodied energy. Each one a teaching that opens to the other. A Movement Art and Meditation.


No steps to learn, improvised, spontaneous dances are unveiled. The self-consciousness is overcome by giving our fascination over to our body’s movement language. 

Every dance is unique, we dive into the unknown mystery that reveals us to ourselves in our diversity, there is nothing that can’t be danced, a safe place to study what it is to "be" a human being.

Transforming Suffering into Art, Art into Awareness, Awareness into Action’ Gabrielle Roth

Why 5Rhythms with Emma?

In the 30 years of experience I have diversified my work within the 5Rhythms broadening my repertoire of teaching. From prisons, setting up theatre and movement to inmates exploring rehabilitation through the arts to children and young people at risk from areas of deprivation and gang culture, inner city schools in London suburbs. My therapeutic art facilitation has taken my practice all over the world including the slums in Kolkata India, bringing the 5 Rhythms to children with Kolkata rescue charity.

My dedication to healing through movement has seen me work with addiction recovery centres in both private and charity organisations such as Harley Street and City Roads addiction clinics. It is in moments where I witness personal breakthrough where the impact of my practice is at its most impactful,

The implication of 5Rythms practice is boundless, it has been proven to be applicable world wide, through experimental pioneering exploration, movement for theatre and arts professional development, healing workshops and retreats.

I continue to expand and explore with artistic lens the 5Rhythms practice, forever inspired by the powerful healing potential to transform lives.

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