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1:1Movement Coaching

I work successfully with art professional, practitioners and individuals who want to unlock their potential, help break through barriers and help them connect deeper with the self. These sessions unlock dialogues with the self and breakthrough moments of stagnation aiding their professional practice.


This is demonstrated through the 6 months I worked with actor Alessandro Preziosi helping him develop his own practice here.

If you are running a retreat and would like to 1:1 sessions, contact me on the button below.

A Silent Wave with Alessandro Preziosi.

1:1 Case Study

with Actors Alessandro Preziosi & Helene Nardini

When working with actors I guide them into the physical, emotional body of the character they are portraying. We explore in depth the energy and Soul of the narrative. The 5 Rhythms is also a discipline that helps to bring the artist back to authenticity of who they are as a person away from the character they are playing.

The one to one focus offers a unique and powerful investigation that requires trust and deep holding . It is a vital relationship to the world of  celebrity all that that world brings.


As Actors we are always seeking perfection, to portray the character as “real living energy, with emotional intelligence, mind and body. The art of which is always expanding and developing, an exploration of different human experiences, in relationship to self, and others to tell the story that will resonate with the audience, or  help change perspective. 


"I am held continuously with the grip of inspiration as the practice evolves through me, the years of personal enquiry and transformation are the foundation of my own teaching. 

Emma has the ability to bring me inside my body, to act on my fears and exultations, to bare me in a sweet and incisive way, and above all a contagious way of dancing she has"

Alessandro Preziosi


"A joy to participate in this improvisation led by Emma Leech.

Starting to create from silence, from the impact of the body in space in relation to others with the world.

A tool, a research I can't live without as an actress and as a human being. Thank you Emma for the deep teachings"

Helene Nardini

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