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in collaboration with Erik Iversen

14 & 15 September | St. Leonards

Curiosity will guide us into our movement enquiry, following and listening to our unfolding physical language in the dance. Tapping into that child like innocence with playful abandon, remembering what it was like to be excited by our world, new, fresh, invigorated, seeing with unfiltered eyes, feeling, being, exploring movement with each other, a playground of possibility.

Innocence is no-mind, like the mind of a child.

This creative expansion of new ways of moving defines play. Play is fertilizer for brain plasticity, Are you willing to express with full body intelligence within the group resonance of a 5Rhythms authentic and open movement space? Join us in illuminating and welcoming a fresh and deep relationship to yourself, to your bones, to your flesh and to your fascia.

This increase in your physical literacy has a direct and positive impact on your creative abilities too. By expanding your physical proprioception, you expand your creative perception because the sensory and creative parts of your brain work together.
If you’re a lover of movement, this playshop will stretch your physical imagination and invite you into new realms of expression. 

Movement Playground -Return to Innocence is a 5 Rhythms Movement Lab With Emma Leech and Erik Iversen taking place on 10.30am - 4.30pm on 15th & 16th September at Concordia Hall Church Road St Leonards.

Tickets & Offers

We are excited to offer Super Early Bird and Early Bird tickets for Movement Playground weekend:

  • Super Early Bird - booked by 1st July: £155 - SOLD OUT!

  • Early Bird - booked by 1st August: £165

  • Full Ticket Price - booked after 1st August: £180

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