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I have had a rich and diverse background in theatre practice. My theory is a study of the feminine archetype of the Mistress which manifests as the character of Scarlet Storm Lee.


The archetypes of the masculine and feminine has formed a large part of both my study and practice. These themes feature in the 'God Sex and the Body' map of Gabrielle Roth’s advanced body of work. I am honoured to be one of just three teachers in the world who are an apprentice to teach this.


I am delighted to be recognised for my theatre work, not only working with actors and companies to help deepen their connection to themselves, but also through classes and retreats. 

If you are an actor or performer and would like to further explore how my teachings can help improve your practice, you can find out more about my movement coaching here.

If you'd like to join us this Autumn in Montpellier, France for a unique retreat exploring the feminine self, open to everyone, find out more here.

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