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Kolkata - The Dancing Mission 2018

I arrived in Kolkata for the first time January 11-2018, birth place of my father, dancing mission with slum children looked after by a charity called Calcutta Rescue. A wonderful man Dr Jack set it up over 30 years ago.

I am here adjusting to the enormous impact of a third world country, the rush of culture overoading my senses with noise, pollution, colour, street homelessness, every kind of vehicle beeping their horns, near miss crashes, fast and furious life on the edge. Dust and dirt, abandoned animals, cats and dogs rummaging for food in the gutters, everyone on a mission to survive.

Fear fills me, excitement, sadness at what I am witnessing as well as a deep respect for the incredible strength and resilience these people have to cope.

I haven't met the children yet that I will be working with teaching 5 Rhythms, it is holiday weekend, but I am preparing my senses, dropping into a tolerance, acceptance, humility. Meeting other volunteers who work for the same charity, deepening my connection and understanding of the needs and knowing in my heart and soul that the dance will bring so much Joy to the children.

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