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Stromboli-Center September 2018

I've just landed back on UK soil after a short mini-tour of my beloved country, the one that seems to be becoming my second home - Italy.

My first stop, on what seemed like a pilgrimage of souls, travelling from all continents by land, sea and air, meeting to ‘sweat our prayers’ was a live volcanic Island in Sicily - Stromboli.

A gigantic towering mountain of fire stands over the island, dominating with its powerful strength, placing humanity in humble grace. Every day we danced for 5 hours, morning and evening, at each dance shedding our skins, baring souls, healing, laughing, crying, celebrating life, connecting to our truths and to each other with depth and authenticity unbound.

The black rocks, silver grey

sands and blue turquoise ocean were there to hold us in between our dances, The unpredictable earth shaking, grumbling and spitting fire from the volcano. This is a reminder, a wake up call, to bring us to silence, to remind us to listen to the earth.

Music filled the air, early morning heat, and sunset evenings were candle-lit. Love was everywhere, expansive, embracing, magical.

Massimo and Emma together holding and creating places of Joy to embody and heal our wounds, reconnecting to life with passion and courage.

Stromboli is now firmly on the map for our dancing souls, next year we will meet here again, dates and times TBC. If you missed it this time…… now ! Torino Do you remember your first ever steps onto a 5 Rhythms dance floor ? The feelings as you came into the room. The self-consciousness was unbearable, the WTF is going on here ? Is this a cult? Judgments and comparisons, the only time I had ever danced so wild and free was at festivals and night clubs intoxicated by all kinds of substances to release inhibitions! This was sober, live drumming by Sanga of the Valley and a rock’n’roll chic all in black holding the space, very cool, sassy, funky and real.

Fast track 27 years forward, here I am about to teach a class of 38 terrified adults in Torino Italy, absolute beginners, 5Rhythms virgins! Beautifully manicured, great outfits! Stiff and held bodies, gym and yoga keep fitters, all ages, men and women, eager to know more, curious and terrified all at the same time. On some level knowing that they would never look back!

Massimo super DJ, soul man and healer on the decks for the first night, while I gathered with all my seductive powers and humour to bring everyone into their groove. It worked, the next day everyone returned for more!

The day unfolded with everyone in its embrace, the transformation was incredible. The once neat little outfits were now drenched with sweat, hair ruffled and tussled and out of place, the letting go had done everyone so much good, revealing hidden depths of beauty as masks fell away. Torino is now on the map !

“More, More!!”

LiveWire-Theatre labs with Lorca Simons Another strand to my offerings within the 5Rhythms map is LiveWire, directed and created by Lorca Simons.

Together we create and produce Theatre labs rooted in the teaching of Gabrielle Roth 5 Rhythms and theatre work.

We are in Dubai this year with a new creation Silhouette that explores the Shadows using theatre lab investigation and 5 Rhythms. We plan on many more, so watch this space.

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