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The Embodied Actor

The Actors Journey into Embodiment of Self.

“An Actor is at most a poet and at least an entertainer “ Marlon Brando

I have ended my year at a beginning of a road that has come full circle. The world of theatre and performing. Prior to discovering 5 Rhythms Dance in 1991 I was set on my path to become an actress, there was however for me always something missing that I couldn't put my finger on, let alone my two feet and the rest of my body, heart mind and soul! Theatre has inspired me in many different contexts and has become the DNA of what I offer as a creative source for my work. From devised theatre when I worked in prisons, or youth at risk, in schools, and young offenders institutions. Most recently I have begun to work with actors themselves as a movement coach to bring a deeper reality to the characters being portrayed.

The 5 Rhythms have given me insight into human experience that cuts through masks, to real and raw emotion, to be an embodiment of human experience instead of just a talking head.

The craft of an Actor is a never ending exploration to unravel and discover fresh and exciting gateways into the diverse portrayal of the character, we hope at best to be a “real’a living energy, that has emotional intelligence existing within the physical body together with mind and body, heart and Soul. We as a human beings find ourselves in relationship to one- self, and others, to tell a story that the audience can respond to, have an instinct for or that may help to change or shift perspective, to ignite a spark for healing, reflect the shadows of a place within of conflict and struggle, go to the

edges, raw, dark and light, a journey that takes the audience with them every step of the way, where we can identify, resonate, repel or stand with the stories being told.

I am excited and Inspired to follow the tracks of this unravelling to ever expansive wilderness of the soul, come with me.......

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