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September 17-23

with Emma & Lina

A women's retreat

in Monte Orada

Information & booking

Give yourself a kiss. If you want to hold the beautiful one, hold yourself - RUMI

Touching those kisses we blow across the fingers airborne with Love.
Opening to our sensuality, receptive to kisses blown our way by life. 
Leaning into the spine of sultry curves, the key to the door of our heart slowly opens 
… To the wilderness that is waiting
… Slinky, soft, sensual, seductive embrace of our being
…. Light, weightless, shimmering hues of our dreaming
Speaking from the body in seeking and following the unfolding. 
Following the heart towards the whispers uttered in secret
Feet first we fall into caress.
Bisous. Kisses. 
Kissing all that we know and all the mystery beyond.

Let the beauty we love be what we do. There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground - RUMI

Come Dance the poetry of the feminine on this special 7-day residential retreat for women, where Emma & Lina will take you on a journey in the terrains of the body and the landscape of the heart, drawing upon the archetypal muse Mistress energy that dwells within each of us, beckoning us to live life in our fullest expression and nuanced vibrancy. This is an offering combining 5Rhythms Waves & Heartbeat maps, infused with elements of Burlesque. You can expect a deep dive that comes with much elated joy, creativity, togetherness and fun; and expect to be in an elegant spacious venue surrounded by spectacular natural landscapes and sports/cultural/leisure activities for you to explore alone or with others on our long breaks; and expect mouth-watering wholesome food to tantalize our taste buds on all meals… and expect specks of mystery sprinkled on top of it all; because, yes, there are a hundred ways to kiss the ground, and to be kissed back by life. 

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