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Dates : May 15-17-2020

Location : Munich

Producer: Oliver 


ONE OF THE MANY teachings that come from the masculine energy of Staccato connects us to the part of us that seeks our highest level of consciousness. The Zen master that watches his breath, The surfer that becomes the wave, the poet that follows her hand as she writes, the more you sip from this cup of spirit the more thirsty you become.

How do you express your spiritual nature in the world ? Where do you offer back to community creative action that is healing?

In this 5 Rhythms Movement lab we will explore what it is to be a collective and unified field of human beings. ‘Tribe, Family, Community,Posse, Gang’ 

We become seduced by the BEAT, we move through resistance, stuck and rigid places, into passion, connection, vitality, and creative vision becomes possible realities. 

This is both Waves and Heartbeat Level workshop, prequesite minimum10 hours waves  taught by an accredited 5 Rhythms teacher are required to attend.

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